Glitterato 1.62

Add interstellar Photoshop effects with this plugin


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of options for nebual and star customization
  • Creates gorgeous, starry effects


  • Can be tricky to install

Very good

Glitterato is a plugin for Photoshop that gives you the ability to design starry effects for your digital photos.

Photoshop users have come to expect a powerful graphic design experience with Photoshop. Many users choose to enhance the experience even further by installing supplemental plugins like Glitterato.

From Flaming Pear Software, developers of other plugins like Flexify and LunarCell, Glitterato is a great way to add some impressive colors and effects to your digital photos.

You can either create unique star constellations or nebulas in Photoshop with Glitterato. Everything from scale to texture to opacity and color can be controlled with a simple dragging of your mouse right or left on a sliding scale. Glitterato also offers a preview window so you can see what your creation looks like before finalizing and saving it, which is convenient.

If you want to create lovely interstellar effects in Photoshop, Glitterato is a great plugin to try.



Glitterato 1.62

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